al. My first airline Air Littoral by DSp

Ma première compagnie et Mes premières heures de vols !......
hélas collecteur maintenant !
Air Littoral was an airline in France founded in 1972 and originally based at Montpellier. Over the years KLM, Euralair, Lufthansa and the SAir Group (Swissair) , who sold their stake in 2001, all had ownership stakes in Air Littoral. A takeover failed in 2003 and the company was declared bankrupt. A number of groups considered taking over Air Littoral including Azzurra Air (which shortly after ceased operations due to its own financial difficulties), but none succeeded and the airline was closed down by the French authorities in February 2004.

Air Littoral had operated a fleet of 17 CRJ-100s from bases in Nice, Montpellier, Paris (Orly) and Marseille, and was well known for the bright livery its planes sported in the years before its demise.

Service on board New color old color Futur impossible ? MPL MPL littora1 Futur ? Accident CRJ BOD CRJ NCE BLQ BLQ FCO FCO VCE SXB FLR MPL MPL NCE NPL SXB SXB BOD BOD logo 80's years logoname littora3 littora2 littologo-1 airlit airlit1 airlit8 airlit9 Air Littoral Express F-GLIV F70 AF/IT color air-littoral_fokker70a_1 air-littoral_fokker70a_2 air-littoral_fokker100_1 air-littoral_fokker100_2 airlittoral-fglir airlittoral-fglir-1 airlittoral-fglit-ncs ATR42-500_4 ATR42_F-GPYH_AirLittoral caaaalme CRJ200-8 doc-652 dus160_kl f-gidm fu001028 fu030330 fu840325 fu861026 fu920329 fu961027 fu990328 ij010325 FU. F70 ATR-42-500 litto-fgidq littoral-fglis littoral-fglix-1 Safety card Safety card ATR42 p.1 Safety card ATR42 p.2 Safety card CRJ p.1 Safetycard CRJ p.2